UT System Communications and Marketing works as a single, cross-functional and multidisciplinary team to encourage a holistic approach and a consistent focus on institutional goals to allow us to approach projects in a more effective, efficient and centralized manner that capitalizes on everyone’s talent.

We work closely with our clients to establish the framework for communicating about the impact of the UT System and offer strategic advice to reach their goals.

Work with us


As stewards of the UT System brand, we work closely with the four University of Tennessee campuses and two statewide institutes to ensure brand consistency across the University. To start a project with our team, please contact John Lacey, project manager. If we are unable to handle your request, the project manager will assist in finding external vendors for graphics, printing and other resources.


We are a full-service provider of communications support and public relations counsel to the UT President and members of his executive team. Our team of experienced professionals are responsible for internal and external communication and working with the news media on behalf of the UT Board of Trustees, President and all departments of UT System Administration.

Our communications team serves as the central point of contact for all System news, information and related initiatives, with emphasis on proactive approaches. We are committed to providing leadership in effectively telling the UT story through communications that convey coordinated and consistent messages for internal and external audiences.

Crisis Communication and Issue Management

Prevention is the most effective of all crisis management tools, and our colleagues are urged to call on us at the first moment a crisis has potential to develop. We maintain and, as needed, update the UT System Administration crisis communication protocol. When a crisis does occur, our team can help construct an effective strategy for sharing information internally and externally. We monitor issues and/or concerns and offer sound issues management advice toward reducing negative impact on the UT System.

Integrated Communications Strategy

Our team works together to suggest a clear direction and allocation of resources for UT System initiatives.

Media Relations

Our team helps determine how best to achieve objectives when traditional media coverage is called for. We work closely with our colleagues to develop and disseminate press releases to targeted media audiences. We also are the primary point of contact for news media seeking information.

Writing and Editing

Concise and consistent messaging is the key to telling your story. Our team of experienced and award-winning writers and editors work with UT System colleagues to write and edit copy for publications, speeches and briefing documents.

Our Tennessee Magazine and Other Publications

Our team produces the Our Tennessee magazine, in print and online, three times a year to approximately 70,000 alumni of all UT campuses. The magazine promotes the strategic priorities and enhances the reputation, visibility and understanding of the UT System. We work closely with a systemwide advisory board for the magazine and with representatives of all UT campuses and institutes to publicize the great things going on throughout the University.

We also coordinate development, production and distribution of the UT President’s Annual Report to the General Assembly, the twice-yearly HR “For Your Benefit” newsletter, the twice-monthly UT System Connect newsletter and other publications as needed.


Our marketing team coordinates the development of integrated marketing strategies and programs to reach the University’s target audiences. As the UT System’s brand ambassadors, our team creates print and digital marketing collateral for the UT System and manages the UT System homepage and core website.


We create print and digital marketing collateral for the UT System and work to create a better understanding of the UT System brand and brand guidelines.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Our team works together to suggest a clear direction and allocation of resources for System initiatives.


Our team can help create a strong visual identity, including through the use of compelling photography and videography that capture the essence of the UT System and visually tell the story of our impact.


Responsible for creating and maintaining the online identity of the UT System, our web team strategically carries out this mission through implementing many of the university’s core websites and melding them together to create a cohesive, user-friendly web presence.

Project Management

Our project manager works closely with the vice president for communications and marketing and with the entire staff to support the mission of UT System Communications and Marketing, the mission of our clients, and the overall mission of the UT System. Working behind the scenes, the project manager supports both sides of communications and marketing with: project coordination, developing and implementing creative solutions to problems, creating and managing estimates and budgets, evaluating marketing promotional materials, evaluating and implementing resources and strategies that improve function and aid our clients, and providing management of our workflow process.

Printing and Estimating

The project manager works directly with both the University Printing and Mail Services department and/or external printing vendors to discover, evaluate and coordinate printing options that meet budget requirements for client projects.

Marketing Promotional Collateral

Together with your client account liaison, the project manager provides insight and evaluation of marketing promotional materials (such as gifts and giveaway items) that meet your budget requirements. Additionally, the project manager coordinators all activities with vendors to ensure clear and consistent communication.

Advertising Sales

Our Tennessee presents an opportunity for both internal entities such as departments, colleges, programs, etc. and external companies and organizations to reach and communicate with alumni of every University campus via advertising. The project manager is also the advertising manager and coordinates all ad sales activities for Our Tennessee.