The daily News Roundup is a snapshot of news about or relating to the University and is emailed to various stakeholders each day the University is open. It is distributed by 9:30 a.m. (eastern).

While the main audience includes UT trustees, the president and president’s staff, the distribution list also includes all campus communicators, employees and members of the board of UTFI, faculty leaders, various other administrators and leaders from campuses and institutes, and additional other staff on request.

Our total readership is more than 600 subscribers.


To provide UT trustees, University leaders, and other stakeholders current news coverage, positive and negative, about UT and its campuses and institutes:

  • To convey coverage of UT’s impact statewide and nationally to trustees and other stakeholders
  • To make trustees and other stakeholders aware of policy matters, trends, and legislative matters covered by the news media and of direct or potential relevance to higher education
  • To show trustees and other stakeholders how media are reporting on various issues faced by campuses and institutes

As a mere snapshot, the News Roundup is not comprehensive and does not intentionally track news coverage resulting from public relations campaigns or other efforts of University communications offices



  • Placement or listing of stories: This is up to the good judgment of the individual assembling each day’s roundup. The most significant, impactful, or high-profile news items are typically at the top of the list.
  • Opinion pieces: Opinion pieces are included when their salience or relevance to the roundup’s primary audience of UT trustees warrants inclusion. Opinion pieces are always obviously and clearly marked as such, to distinguish them from otherwise objective news items


At quarterly intervals, the distribution list is reviewed for necessary additions or deletions:

  • To confirm all UT trustees, members of the president’s staff and chancellors are included.
  • To remove any old or defunct email addresses for individuals who no longer should be on the distribution.