The role of the UT System Office of Communications and Marketing is to create awareness of the statewide University of Tennessee System’s mission, role and impact on the lives of all Tennesseans. We are a full-service, professional office charged with managing the brand of the University of Tennessee System. Our team of media and public relations professionals, writers, web designers and graphic artists, photographer, videographer and producer, and project manager and advertising sales, work together to promote the impact of the UT System.


  • Increase awareness of the statewide impact of the University and its overall value to the state of Tennessee.
  • Raise the profile of the University’s President as the voice of public higher education in the state.
  • Make tangible the System’s commitment to “Educate, Discover and Connect”.

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Tonja Johnson portrait

Tonja Johnson

Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Ellie Amador portrait

Ellie Amador

Assistant Director, Communications

Adam Brimer portrait

Adam Brimer

Communications Coordinator and Visual Specialist

Tiffany Carpenter portrait

Tiffany Carpenter

Assistant Vice President for Marketing

Mike Hardin portrait

Mike Hardin

Assistant Director of Creative Services

Erica Jenkins portrait

Erica Jenkins

Public Relations Associate

John Lacey portrait

John Lacey

Project Manager and Alumnus Advertising Manager

Alison Ross portrait

Alison Ross

Administrative Coordinator

Nick Simson portrait

Nick Simson

Digital Communications Designer

Gina Stafford portrait

Gina Stafford

Assistant Vice President & Director of Communications