Guidelines for sending broadcast emails to system-wide faculty and staff

Email is an often-used method of official communication, both targeted and widespread, for the University of Tennessee to faculty and staff. Its effectiveness depends on its strategic use.

Broadcast emails to all faculty and staff in the UT System, approximately 20,000 individuals who work across the state, are centralized and distributed by the UT System Office of Communications and Marketing to maintain the quality, consistency and appropriateness of messages, and to assure judicious use of this communication channel.

Generally speaking, broadcast emails to all faculty and staff contain information relevant to the mission or business of the UT System.



Criteria for broadcast emails to all faculty and staff include:

  • Messages must be timely and have direct relevance to all recipients
  • Messages must include all relevant information
    • Typically, only one email is sent per topic unless part of a necessarily ongoing series
    • One reminder email may be permitted to reinforce an important deadline
  • Messages should be short and concise, approximately 300 words or less
    • Messages that require more information should include a link(s) for further reading
    • Attachments are not allowed
  • Promoted events must be sponsored by the University and of a high-profile nature
    • Typically, only one invitation and one reminder are allowed
  • Announcements of retirements, resignations, searches and appointments are limited to presidents emeriti, presidents and president’s staff (vice presidents, chief officers, chancellors and executive directors)
  • Announcements of a personal nature are not allowed, except in the event of a death of one of the individuals listed above
  • Announcements of a commercial or political nature are not allowed

Messages outside the above criteria may be communicated to more targeted audiences or through other channels, such as listservs, newsletters and websites.

For help sharing your message, see our resource guide. For help creating a comprehensive plan to achieve your specific communication and/or marketing goals, contact the member of our staff who specializes in your area.

Messages to be sent to faculty, staff, and/or students of a specific campus or institute, rather than all UT System employees, are managed by the respective campus or institute:

  • UT Chattanooga
  • UT Health Science Center
  • UT Institute for Public Service
  • UT Institute of Agriculture
  • UT Knoxville
  • UT Martin
  • UT Space Institute
  • UT System Administration

Sender Options

Broadcast emails to all faculty and staff are sent on behalf of the UT President, members of the president’s cabinet or the following UT System offices:

  • President,
  • Academic Affairs and Student Success,
  • Audit and Compliance,
  • Communications and Marketing,
  • Development and Alumni Affairs and Programs,
  • Executive VP/Chief Operating Officer,
  • General Counsel,
  • Government Relations and Advocacy, or
  • Human Resources,
  • Research,
  • Treasurer,

Broadcast messages from the above individuals or offices require approval by the president or vice president who oversees the division or office responsible for the proposed message.


Design and Content

Personalized photo and standard departmental headers have been designed for each of the individuals and offices listed above and are used to ensure consistency and professionalism in look and layout.

Messages are edited for clarity and style and will be sent back to the requester for approval if significant edits are made. The approved style (abbreviations, titles, capitalizations, etc.) guide is the Associated Press Stylebook.


Recipient Options

The groups of faculty and staff that broadcast emails may be sent to include:

Audience Scope Approximate Number
All faculty and staff 20,000
All benefit-eligible faculty and staff (regular employees scheduled to work 75 percent time or more) 12,000
All Knoxville-area faculty and staff (UTSA, UTK, UTIA, UTIPS) 8,650

Requests for custom lists are considered on a case-by-case basis and require notice of 10 business days.


Make a Request

To request a broadcast email, contact the member of our staff who specializes in your area at least seven business days in advance of the preferred distribution date. Requests should contain the following:

  • Preferred release date
  • Sender
  • Recipients
  • Suggested subject line
  • Suggested message

Requests will be evaluated using the above criteria, and our staff will work with you to prepare, test and send your message.

Requests also will be evaluated based on previously scheduled messages, and if necessary, an alternate release date will be recommended to avoid multiple emails being sent on the same day.

The UT System Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to:

  • Decline messages that fall outside the scope of approved content and recommend an alternate communication plan
  • Determine the appropriate sender and audience for messages
  • Edit content to ensure consistency and readability
  • Prioritize and properly space scheduling for outgoing emails