The UT System Connect newsletter is delivered on the first and third Tuesday of each month from System Human Resources.

Newsletter Recipients

  • UT System employees (UTSA)
  • UT Foundation (UTFI) employees
  • UT Institute for Public Service (IPS) Employees
  • UT Martin (UTM) faculty and staff




Content must be timely and have direct relevance to recipients (UTSA, UTFI, IPS and UTM employees)

  • System updates (e.g. COVID-19 pandemic)
  • System news releases
  • System plans and announcements
  • Holidays
  • Strategic information/Resources for emergency management in the midst of a crisis (e.g. pandemic)

Content should be short and concise, with direct links to more information

Content should be educational and helpful to recipients

  • Videos/statements from the president or chief human resources officer
  • Changes/reminders of statewide laws and initiatives and articles
  • K@TE learning courses
  • OPTUM professional development opportunities
  • Equity, diversity & inclusion resources
  • Emergency management updates/emerging issues

Promoted events must be sponsored by or provided for University employees

  • Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership Classes
  • Systemwide staff meetings

Announcements of retirements, resignations, executive searches and administrative appointments are limited to president emeriti, presidents and president’s staff (vice presidents, chief officers, chancellors and executive directors).

Announcements of a personal nature are not allowed, except in the event of a death of one of the individuals listed above.

*The chief human resources officer and the vice president of communications and marketing has the right to add or remove any content or message where he or she deems appropriate



Design and Content

The HR Newsletter header has been designed by the System Office of Communications and Marketing team and follows UT System brand guidelines. Photos and graphics that are used in the newsletter must follow UT System brand guidelines to ensure consistency and professionalism in look and layout.

Messages are edited for clarity and style and will be sent back to the requester for approval if significant edits are made. The approved style (abbreviations, titles, capitalizations, etc.) guide is the Associated Press Stylebook. Visit our general style guide for more information.



Make a Request

To request content added to the weekly HR newsletter, contact the week prior to distribution. Distribution is the first and third Tuesday of every month. Requests should include the following:

  • Preferred send date
  • Suggested message
  • Suggested visual (optional)
  • Link to more information

Requests will be evaluated using the above criteria, and a team memember will work with the requestor to prepare a message.

Requests will also be evaluated based on previously scheduled content, and if necessary, an alternate date will be recommended to avoid similar content being sent in the same newsletter.

The UT System Office of Communications and Marketing as well as the System Office of Human Resources reserves the right to:

  • Decline messages that fall outside the scope of approved content and recommend an alternate message
  • Determine the appropriate sender and audience
  • Edit content to ensure consistency and readability
  • Prioritize and properly space content for the newsletter