Associate Director of Creative Services

Donna Wilson McClure is the first to admit she is not as talented as her design idols Saul Bass or Milton Glaser. She is a pragmatic creative and a veteran of years of print, web, and branding communications for business to business, business to consumer, corporate in-house creative, ad agencies, and higher education. She’s won a few design awards along the way, too.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, with minors in graphic design and English, from Middle Tennessee State University.

Donna has worked in various capacities as a creative—progressing from newspaper designer to graphic artist to art director. She is always seeking fresh design inspiration—whether it’s through travel, research, reading, movies, visiting museums or the outdoors.

Her free time is spent on yoga, walks, reading, landscape gardening and, occasionally, cooking a great meal. She is seeking to minimize her footprint on the planet and has been known to reposition items that may have missed the recycle bin. Her future plans include visiting and photographing all national parks in the U.S. in a small travel trailer.

Currently residing in North Knoxville, she lives with husband James and has two adult children, daughter Bonnie (B.A., UT 2010), and son Michael (AT 2010, 2012 and PCT 2014). She recently lost Kate (highly regarded as the most favorite, smartest, sweetest puppy ever) and recently adopted Stella, a tuxedo kitty with an affinity for treats.

Her motto is “Wherever you go, there you are.”